“INTEKO” d.o.o is a private company offering its clients comprehensive support during the construction, reconstruction, equipping and maintenance of sports facilities as well as sport surfaces.

Our team consists of renowned experts with enviable references including architects, civil, mechanical and electrical engineers and consultants in the field of financial management and property rights.

Our mission is to provide our clients with complete and multidisciplinary service in order to maximize final positive results.

As the official partner of Casali Sport, we are able to build sport courts from various materials, such as acrylic coatings, artificial grass, PVC surface as well as from other materials intended for sports. We advise our customers with the most optimal solutions based on their budget.

For all built sport floors we give adequate guarantees.

We present a unique technology of producing self-supporting steel arched structures, and more than 3000 projects implemented worldwide. This technology allows you to overlap the width range from 9 m to 50 m without any additional supporting structure. The advantage of our unique 2-in-1 system is the self-supporting steel arch design, which also has the function of construction, facade and roof cover, which significantly reduces construction costs.

Our Services

From planning and design to construction, we are by your side at every turn.